Ranch History

In 1858, the John Alexander Sands family settled on the perfect land: where the Post 

Oak Savannah and Blackland Prairie made it ideal for raising stock and growing cotton. As cotton lost its economic might in North Texas in the mid-20th Century and major production move abroad, Rosewood Ranches began to focus its grasslands to cattle and beef production. 

More recently, Rosewood Ranches was awarded The National Wetlands Award by The Environmental Law Institute as well as The Lone Star Land Steward Award from The Texas Parks and Wildlife. Rosewood Ranches makes decisions based on a holistic approach, considering the impacts on the land, economy, and humankind.


The Land

Since the 1850's, the Sands family has raised livestock and grown cotton near Chatfield, Texas. Over the years, the modest farm expanded into a collection of ranches throughout Ellis, Henderson, Kaufman and Navarro Counties. The lands straddle 4.5 miles of the Trinity River which team with wildlife and cattle. Managed by Kenneth Braddock for over 30 years, Rosewood Ranches is a leading example of sustainable, local agriculture. With an eye to the future, ranch managers maintain a commitment to land conservation and community education through wildlife outreach and environmental sustainability programs. By restoring and developing wetlands, the land provides essential nesting for migratory birds in addition to conserving water.